Unlimited Calculated Metrics - Free Download


Hi I’m Chris and thanks for joining me here for another Digital Metrics Guru video. Today we’re going to talk about calculated metrics. A couple of years ago when this was introduced into Google Analytics it was a little heartbreaking.

This was because you had waited for it for so long, yet now you were only limited to five calculated metrics per view. That went on for a while and I know a lot of people and companies I dealt with were dissatisfied. They would say, “this is great but we want more.”

Well Google Data Studio solves that issue for you. You can now create an unlimited number of calculated metrics within Google Data Studio. I’m going to show you how to do that today.

Before we dive in I want to direct you over to DigitalMetrics.Guru/04download. When you go there you’ll be able to download a nice PDF white paper exploring more around calculated metrics. This includes the top four ways that everybody can incorporate certain calculated metrics. No matter what industry you’re in or what kind of website you have you’re going to get good use out of these. Again DigitalMetrics.Guru/04download. Let’s get into it

Unlimited Calculated Metrics - Free Download

Calculated Metrics Google Data Studio Setup

So I’m over here in a Google Data Studio. Instead of in the reports area, I’m actually in the data sources. We’re going to go in and edit our data source. I have two data sources here and I’m going to select this master source. We’re not using the Google Analytics default sample data right now because you can’t edit any of those sample data sets.

I’ll go in here and that will load in just a second and you’ll see all of the metrics and dimensions available to us on the left-hand side. Here we have a field, what the type is, the aggregation, and any description.

If you’ve added any custom fields over time you see this little FX, which denotes the custom field that’s been created within Data Studio. this is exactly what we’re trying to do today, to create new custom metric.

Creation of the Calculated Metric

So we’re creating a new calculated metric. You’ll just go ahead and click this blue plus button to create a calculated field. When you do, that you’ll have you name it. What we’re going to do for this example is to create a metric that is what I would call true conversion rate.

Google Analytics defines a conversion rate as the total goal completions as a whole divided by the sessions, because it’s session based. However, we want to look at it by user instead of by session. So I’m going to go in here or we’re going call this true conversion rate. You can call it whatever you want in there. Then we need to place in the formula for that.

We can do anything we want to metrics or dimensions you just can’t cross them together. So you can add them, subtract, multiply, divide, sum of, etc. So you could say equals sum, much like you do within Excel and there’s a lot of different functions and things within there. You can count, you can sum, most anything you can do within Excel.

Right now we’re going to keep it very simple. We’re just gonna take our total goal completions and divide that by the number of users. You’ll select your users here and go ahead and click create field. That’ll take just a second and then by default it always makes every metric a number. So instead of being a number, you’ll want that to be a percentage. So what you do is select this on the drop-down and under numeric you can click a percentage.

We’ll give it a description as well. We’ll just say this is conversion rate of goal completions over total users. With that everything will be saved and we’ve edited our connection right there within Data Studio.

Unlimited Calculated Metrics - Free Download

Creating a New Dashboard Report

So right now you’re going to then go over and click create report and once you do that it’ll generate a new report within Google Data Studio. It’s going to give us a blank template and once everything loads up here we’ll be able to start.

Select the master data source, add it to the report, and then we’ll just click a simple scorecard metric. With this we see that everything works how we wanted it to. This metric will default to sessions. Once that loads through you’ll click on sessions and search for our newly created calculated metric, true conversion rate. When you do that you’ll go over and it gives us our conversion rate and we can edit that in any way we want. We can add it to any report with this data source attached, or any chart or graph within this report.

Calculated Metrics Conclusion

So that’s a real quick, simple way to create any metric you can think of in the calculated metrics field. Again I want to direct you over to DigitalMetrics.Guru/04download, were you can download a PDF to get the top calculated metrics that you should be creating for any site you have. Thanks again!

Unlimited Calculated Metrics - Free Download

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