Customize Scatter Charts - Free Download

Let’s explore how to set up a scatter chart in your Google Data Studio dashboard. I’m in data studio here and select a blank report. I’m going to go ahead and use the Google Analytics sample data and add that to my report. While that’s loading we’re going to look up here at the top bar.

In between the scorecard metric and the bullet chart there is the scatter chart. When you click and drag it creates a scatter chart. We’ll make it big so we can see it nice and large. Once it loads, by default, it’s going to load the dimension of medium, the metric of sessions on the x-axis and pageviews on the y-axis.

You’ll notice there are a bunch of points for the mediums as a dimension, but we don’t know which mediums those are. We could add another dimension here, so first off we’re going to look at things, not by medium, but by channel.

Let’s go ahead and click on medium, then select default channel grouping as our dimension. It puts a few more points on the chart.

From there go ahead and select sessions and we’ll change that to pageviews. You’ll type in pageviews in the search and select pageviews.

The chart now looks like a one-to-one because we have pageviews on the x-axis against pageview son the y-axis.

We want the y-axis to actually be average time on page. So select the second pageviews metric and search for average time on page. Once that is selected the chart will rework itself a little bit more. Now we have our two axis defined but we want to add a third metric here.

Customize Scatter Charts - Free Download

Under the metrics area you’ll find a section called bubble size. Go down and select that, and let’s look for goal conversion rate for the bubble size. I’ll actually type in goal completions for this example to look at that.

Now you’ll see something else happen here. No longer do we have all of the same bubble sizes, we have small bubbles and we have larger bubbles.

When you go back out to the view mode, hover over each bubble and you will see the total goal completions highlighted for each. Here there is 45,000 goal completions while over on this smaller bubble there were just 102.

Go back into edit mode. The one thing we still can’t differentiate is that all of the channel bubbles on the scatter chart are the same color.

Select the chart and then go over to the right fly-out menu and select the style tab. Here you can limit the number of bubbles which display if you want, or just below that you see an option for bubble color. Currently that is set to none. Select the drop-down menu and select Default Channel Group.

This will change all of the colors of each individual medium. You see this reflected in the scatter chart legend at the top of the chart. You’ll see here that the large number of goal completions is actually from organic search, and now this is more easily noticeable.

So there is the basics of how you can complete and place a scatter chart or bubble chart into your workflow. For further customization of a scatter chart for Google Data Studio, be sure to head over to get the freebie for this video at DigitalMetrics.Guru/02download.

Customize Scatter Charts - Free Download

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