Connecting Google Seach Console and Analytics

connect google search console to google analytics

Google Search Console is a powerful tool by itself. Connecting Search Console to Google Analytics can bring the level of detail in your analysis to a new level of sophistication with the search console console reports.

What is Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console is a tool mainly for webmasters and SEOs that allows you to better understand indexing and appearance of your site throughout the web. SEOs mainly use this to view and optimize average SERP rankings for different keywords.

On a more technical side of things, you can also get a better understanding of how Google is crawling your site. This will allow you to improve upon your current setup, making your site more search and user friendly.

Setting up Google Search Console for your site is fairly easy. Start at Once you sign up, you can easily upload a verification file to your site’s main directory. Then Google scans your site and gives you a look into your technical setup. It takes a few days to a week to get most of the data back into your account.

Connecting to Google Analytics

Once you have setup Google Search Console, you will want to connect that account to your Google Analytics account. This will give you access to further reporting inside of analytics. It will also allow you to compare those search console reports to different segments and other on-site activity of your users.

To begin, go into the admin section of your Google Analytics account. Under the property section, locate the All Products link under Product Linking. Once in that section, scroll down to search console and click to Connect Search Console.

product linking google analytics

That will take you over to your search console account and ask you to select the property that you would like to connect to Google Analytics. If you have multiple properties, select the correct one and you will then be kicked back to Google Analytics.

That’s it! Everything is set up from there and you will start to see all of the reports under the Search Console reports in Google Analytics start to populate.

google search console reports location

Exploring Reports

There are many reports available regarding the Google Search Console in Google Analytics. The most useful one being the Search Query Report.Search Query Report.

Along with that, in Google Analytics under the Audience tab then in Search Console, you’ll find the following reports.

  • Landing Pages
  • Countries
  • Devices

Each of these reports show you the estimated impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, and average position you have in Google search rankings.

The Queries report is the most useful and showcases all of the queries that were searched in Google where your site came up in the results. This report can be used as an excellent SEO tool to help increase your rankings and referrals from search.


Connecting your Google Search Console to Google Analytics opens up a multitude of possibilities for marketers and analysts. Remember once you start exploring the reports to set your sites on even more detail.

You have the ability to use built-in or custom segments to compare this data across audiences, and even utilize the dimensions inside of other standard reports.

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