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assisted conversions report google analytics

The assisted conversion report inside of Google Analytics allows marketers to get a more true look at how referrals are performing in regards to goals. Prior to this report we would only understand channel conversions by last click attribution (or whichever standard of attribution you had implemented).

Now take control of your referring channels by understanding when a channel assisted, or helped a user along in the conversion process. If a user visited from paid search, then came back a second time via organic and converted, organic would get the conversion, but paid search would get an assist.

What’s Included in the Assisted Conversion Report

The assisted conversion report’s main focus is to show you how many assists a particular channel, campaign or source received when not getting credit for the final conversion. The report showcases the following metrics:

  • Number of Assisted Conversions
  • Assisted Conversion Value
  • Last Click Conversions (default)
  • Last Click Conversion Value (default)
  • Assisted to Last Click Ratio

The ratio help you to determine if a particular channel or campaign is better at assisting conversion (higher number) or getting the actual conversion (lower number).

Difficulty to set up

Difficulty Meter: 2/5 (easy)

While the assisted conversion report is default to Google Analytics, you must go through the process of setting up a goal within your site to take advantage of it.

Prior to utilizing this report, make sure you set up a goal. If you are looking for a good goal to start with, try my method on user engagement.

Where it is located?

The assisted conversions report is located under the Conversion tab on the left hand navigation. It is within the sub-heading of Multi-Channel Funnels and labeled as Assisted Conversions.

assisted conversions report location

Analysis to Complete

When getting into the analysis of goals in your data, this is from where the meat of recommendations stems. Everything you have discovered through other reports ties back to goals. The assisted conversions report identifies a couple of different outcomes that could influence your marketing efforts. Explore these below.

1. Identify Your Top Assisted Channels & Campaigns

Not understanding what other sources influenced a purchase decision is the issue with last click attribution (and most all attribution). The assisted conversions report points out the channels that get lost in the background of driving conversion.

Sort your campaigns and channels (whichever view you are in) by the assisted / last click ratio. This shows you the best channels (or campaigns) in which an assist to the conversion is more likely than the conversion itself. While these channels don’t get the hard conversion they are vital to your site’s (and company’s) performance.

assisted conversion report google analytics

If your Facebook ads only have 5 conversions, but they have assisted on 200, that is a strong indicator that you are doing something right there. When your boss wants to shut that campaign down, you now have the data to backup why that is a bad idea.

2. Don’t Make Light of Secondary Dimensions

Within the assisted conversions report is one area where secondary dimensions cannot go un-used. Just looking at the assisted conversion to direct conversion ratios and values for a campaign doesn’t tell the whole story.

Make sure to breakdown your campaigns and look at things through secondary dimensions for source, medium, and ad content. This will allow you to see potential standouts within the campaign itself. Facebook ad #1 may be working quite well in getting assisted conversions, but the Twitter ad #2 is bringing down your overall conversion for a campaign.

Benefit of the Assisted Conversions Report

The assisted conversions report holds power when trying to show interested parties how campaigns work in different ways toward conversion. Remember, express to your audience the importance of assisted channels and campaigns to make your overall conversions possible.

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