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Expanding on the last post, where we talked about converting custom events into goals, here we’ll explore the goals overview report within Google Analytics.

The goals overview report houses data on any goal that you have specified in your tracking. You can better understand your conversions and how users are interacting with your data throughout your site.

What’s Included in the Goals Overview Report

The goals overview report within Google Analytics gives you a great overview of high-level metrics on the goals you have setup. The metrics that are shown within this report include:

  • Goal Completions
  • Goal Value
  • Conversion Rate %
  • Abandonment Rate %

By default these will show a combination of metrics for all goals that you have set in your view. For more information on how to change this look to individual goals, see the analysis section below.

Difficulty to set up

Difficulty Meter: 2/5 (easy)

Setting up the goals overview report only takes a few minutes. This is actually done by creating a new goal within the admin panel of your analytics account. This is located under the view column and labeled goals.

There are many options to consider when setting up a goal and the goal creation wizard can help you through that. Set up a goal that fires when a certain page is viewed, when a user spends a required amount of time on the site, when a user views a certain number of pages, or when a custom event occurs.

google analytics goal creation menu

Once you have at least one goal setup, the goal overview report will start to auto-populate with the data from that goal or goals. No further setup is required for the report to start gathering data.

Where it is located?

This report is located under the Conversions tab on the left hand navigation. It is within the sub-heading of Goals and labeled as Overview.

goal overview report location

Analysis to Complete

When you set up a goal for your site, make sure that it is related to a business goal or objective. If you can’t say that this is a true conversion for your business (like a sale or lead generation) then it probably belongs as a custom event or metric, not to be included as a goal too.

Once you are assured that you have the correct goals set for your site, look into the goals overview report to complete some of the analysis listed below.

1. Compare Goal Completions to Value

One thing I try to always have for each goal is a value. Even if it is just a lead, it should have a value associated with it. If an average sale is worth $100, and you convert 10% of your leads to sales, then each lead goal could be labeled with a value of $10.

With that in mind, one of the best things to look at within the goals overview report is a comparison of goal completions to value over time. This will allow you to get a general overview of the monetary value your conversions have on average. If you are noticing that there are more goal completions but the overall value isn’t increasing, it is a sign that your average sale or conversion is decreasing in value.

Don’t stop with just this. Once this high-level discovery is made, you will want to continue into your eCommerce reporting to uncover what is the true culprit behind and increase or decrease.

google analytics goal completions and value comparison

2. View Individual Goals

This may seem obvious for a seasoned Google Analytics professional, but for any newcomers to the program this tip may be key. By default any information you are viewing in the goals overview report is a combination of all goals you have reporting in your view.

You have to individually select what goal you want to isolate if that is your desire. You can do this by going up to the top left of the report and clicking the drop-down that says All Goals by default. Here you can select an individual goal to populate the report.

goal dropdown selection

While this isn’t an analysis tip, it is key if you are looking to isolate any of your goals for viewing. Even after working within Google Analytics for nearly ten years, I still overlook this at times.

Benefit of the Goals Overview Report

This report is a wonderful place to start to understand your conversions and conversion rate. While the benefit of this report is getting a better understanding of how your users are converting on site, combining this with your channels report will be a great next step.

The better you can understand the origin of your conversions, the more of an impact that will make on future marketing decisions and your bottom line.

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