AdWords Customer Match: What it Means for You

adwords customer match

While remarketing has been around for years now, the tactic seems to be taking on new and interesting shapes as of late. Take for instance the fact that we can target, or re-target users personal email addresses from a companies first party data to display ads through Facebook and other services such as LiveIntent.

While this has been known to marketers for some time, the networks have been somewhat limiting. I know, how can I say that Facebook is limiting your reach? It really isn’t, but not everything fits the social network realm of Facebook. Most users on Facebook are their for entertainment and don’t want to be bothered by ads that may not fit that moment.

Enter Google Customer Match. Yes, Google, seemingly the birthplace of remarketing, can now utilize your first party email data to serve ads to current or perspective customers.

This works as simply as creating a standard remarketing list to target within Google AdWords. Instead of using a remarketing pixel, or building an audience through Google Analytics though, you can upload email addresses of your current customers or perspective leads and place specific campaigns to attract them back to your site. We’ll expand more on this as things become readily available, but the option to implement this tactic is in all AdWords accounts now. With that I want to point out what is possible with Google Customer Match and how to utilize it for the best results.

1. Separate Your Lists

Google Customer Match should be used just like your other remarketing campaigns. With that said, make sure to distribute your audiences and messaging accordingly.

You wouldn’t want to group together users who are looking at Christmas decorations with users who are looking at beachwear (unless there was a correlation), so make sure to separate them by email addresses as well.

2. Develop Creative With Specific Tasks In Mind

Similar to #1, the concept of groups of users should stretch to your creative (or ad text) as well. Make sure that you have a specific task at hand that you are asking of your customers or potential customers.

3. Always Remember Impression Caps

One of the most frustrating things in digital marketing (in my opinion) is when, as an end user, you are remarketed to relentlessly, or without care in mind from the advertiser.

As marketers we can put rules in place to prevent these frustrations from happening. Let’s face it, remarketing can be a scary things to encounter for an end user who doesn’t understand the technology.

Limiting impressions per user by day, week or run of the campaign can not only cost you less money in the long haul, but it can make potential customers much happier.

4. Test, Test, Test

While this is remarketing, for many of us, it may be the first time we have used remarketing in this way. Testing is always key in these situations (any situation really), so remember to test everything. Test your lists, test your creative, test your placements. Once you have a campaign up and running with different test points, it will be easy to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

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