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Further defining our digital audiences has long been a struggle within any analytics platform for an array of business verticals. Segmenting those audiences into buckets and looking at metrics performance by each has become increasingly easy with the improvements to segmentation in tools like Google Analytics and Site Catalyst over the years.

With the introduction of demographic, age, and interest features that Google Analytics has introduced segmenting audiences for further use has taken on a whole new direction. Combining these new reports with the powerful segmentation tool can make remarketing efforts across display media, paid search and more, a breeze.

Let’s walk through a scenario in which you can use all of the demographic reports, including age, gender and interests, coupled with on-site activity to create a powerful remarketing segment for your next digital campaign.

We’ll look into a fictional client called CK Sporting Goods. CK sells sporting good equipment online to a vast variety of users. They have everything in stock from tennis racquets to bowling balls to baseball cleats.

With a wide variety of products and the potential for a wide age range to need to purchase these products, selling to a diverse audience can become a bit of an issue, when trying to reach the perfect customer.

CK Sporting Goods has implemented the necessary code changes in Google Analytics to obtain the demographic, age and interests reports and have now been collecting data for a couple of months.

The Situation

The marketing manager has been tasked with devising a plan to sell more tennis racquets and has determined through base analytics that users are getting to the tennis racquets main page, but not following through with purchase. Now that he has a few new reports in which to derive data, he starts to look into tennis racquet performance within these new reports.

product and user analytics segmentation
Segmenting users who have viewed a page in the tennis racquet section.

Create the Initial Segment

By creating a simple segment to look at only users who have entered a page on site that includes tennis racquets, he can now apply this segment to the demographic and age reports. Different tennis racquets can suit men or women based on weight, length, etc. Here we see there are many more women looking for tennis racquets as a whole then men. We also see that men have a higher Ecommerce conversion rate than women. At this point the marketing manager observes that women may be the best target here, to try to re-engage past users to get them to purchase.

gender conversion rate metrics
Women are the majority viewers, but convert less often on average than men.

Dive Deep Into Gender and Age

Diving into that female category a bit deeper, he sees that 35-44 year olds make up the majority of users within this segment. Along with that, these users are less likely to convert than any other age demographic. Here again is a great area to concentrate on in a remarketing effort.

Female age ranges and their likelihood to convert and purchase a tennis racquet.
Female age ranges and their likelihood to convert and purchase a tennis racquet.

Set Up Remarketing

Combining everything he now knows he builds out a segment within the remarketing admin in Google Analytics. He now wants to target females, between the ages of 35-44, who have been to the site prior, looked at tennis racquets but did not purchase.


Once this remarketing segment is in place, it can then be used in Google Adwords in paid search and on the Google Display Network to target these visitors on other sites that they may visit.

Drive Creative

This segment also helps to drive the creative. Knowing the audience’s age, gender and interest in tennis racquets without purchasing, this can drive the creative team to create a banner advertisement suited directly to that audience. This will allow for an increased click-through-rate as well as the potential for increased conversion once they return to CK Sporting Good’s site.

This is just one of many ways that you can combine the demographic and interest reports along with your personal knowledge and goals of your site to remarket to users and continue to increase your overall return on investment.

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