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improve adwords ctr

Even though having a higher click-through-rate doesn’t guarantee more sales, it does have the potential to influence your quality score and can impact the cost per click of your campaign. So how do you increase your click-through-rate? Take these three simple steps to achieve an increase rate overnight.

1. Add Sitelinks

Simply put, adding sitelinks will instantly make you stand out in paid search and allows users who may be looking for something slightly different than what you are advertising on to make it into your site for possible conversion.

For technical users, sitelinks also make it look like the company knows a bit more about what they are doing and can be seen as reputable over those that don’t implement sitelinks.

2. Add a Phone Number

Much like sitelinks, click to call phone extensions within Google Adwords are a brilliant way to drive more immediate business. Especially if you operate a business where users are more likely to call then make an online order, this is a no brainer.

In 2013, I implemented call extensions in paid search for a local car dealer. In general they would get 80 to 90 inquiries per month before the phone number was available on their ads. After implementation, they received between 15 and 20 phone calls per day, straight from the ads.

3. Make More AdGroups

Okay this one is a little longer, and let’s face it, not nearly as much fun. However, there are too many companies out there that are running insufficient Adwords campaigns do to laziness. If I was to say which action was the laziest it is ignoring the fact that AdGroups really should only be serving 25 to 30 keywords each.

If you can think of more keywords that are going to suit your landing page and, more importantly, your ad text than that, think again.

One large way to gain visibility and actually spend less per click, is to simply breakdown your AdGroups into more detailed segments. If you are an app development company, it isn’t enough to have an AdGroup on “App Development”. That could include keywords such as “app developer”, “iOS app development” and “android app development”.

At that point your ads will be too broad to reach your engaged audience. Someone that is looking for an Android app developer is more inclined to click on an app that headlines, “Android App Development” rather than “Mobile App Development”.

Conclusion There are many other things that you can do to increase your CTR and potentially lower you CPC. Start with these three and I am sure that you will be impressed with the results that these three easy actions can provide.

Chris Kujawski

Founder and instructor at Digital Metrics Guru.

A passionate and driven digital marketer, specializing in Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio. A qualified expert in Google Analytics and Adwords, with more than 10 years experience delivering sound solutions to clients worldwide.

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