Google Tag Manager Updates Available Built-In Tags

new google tag manager built in tags

While you can incorporate any tag through Google Tag Manager, it has often been noted by powerusers that using the built-in tags is more effective and produces less errors than Custom HTML tags and others.

Today Google announced twenty new built-in tags that will soon be available for Google Tag Manager, making many of those users, including myself, very happy. There isn’t a ton of information on exactly what you will be able to do with these tags, but one can speculate.

UPDATE 9/28 2pm: I am already seeing these tags populate in my personal account. Not sure this is universal, Google usually does a tiered rollout.

Additions & Potential

The biggest additions seem to be the following:

  • Google Optimize
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft Bing Ads
  • Quantcast

If that first bullet point doesn’t excite you, you may not have heard the second piece of news from Google today. Google Optimize, the A/B testing and personalization tool, is coming to the masses. This free version will undoubtably be dumbed down from the paid version, but it can get small businesses onboard and interacting with a great tool. While I did get the chance to use Optimize 360 in beta, once the free version is released look back to this blog for more information, tests and learnings.


Outside of this brief information from Google, there isn’t a ton of information on what you will be able to gather using these tags. If you head over to the Google page showing supported tags, you can check out more details around what will be possible.

This is a great movement forward for Google, specifically with Google Tag Manager. There have been some companies hesitant to jump on board with GTM due to implementation issues. As stated earlier, a lot of this had to do with the custom script implementations.

With this announcement, Google can put to rest quite a few of those worries and have user utilize these new available tags. Hopefully Google will continue to work with partners to get even more default tags integrated. For now, these additions are welcomed with open arms.

Do you use Google Tag Manager? Let me know how excited you are to utilize these new tags with ease inside the tool in the comments below.

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