Over the course of writing on this blog, I have tried to concentrate on the intermediate to advanced features of how to track sites using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These are nice customizations that can help us to better manipulate data and get what we want out of digital metrics.

However, one thing I am asked more than any other question is, “How do I get started with Google Tag Manager?”

This question comes up a lot and with more and more sites switching to a tag management tool, I wanted to take a step back and show just how easy it is to get started with Google Tag Manager by using it to track google analytics.

If you haven’t yet set up a Google Tag Manager account, refer back to an earlier post on Setting Up a GTM Account. If you have already taken that step and want to get into your first tag which will include the simple use of a variable, watch the video above.

You will learn how to get your base Google Analytics code up through Google Tag Manager, how to debug and see your traffic within seconds after publishing. If you have any difficulty or want to discuss the setup of GTM further, place your questions below.

Chris Kujawski

Founder and instructor at Digital Metrics Guru.

A passionate and driven digital marketer, specializing in Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio. A qualified expert in Google Analytics and Adwords, with more than 10 years experience delivering sound solutions to clients worldwide.

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